’s Response to COVID-19

Collaboration is the only way to deal with the global challenge of COVID-19. has made its services and capabilities available to public administrations and health institutions to help contribute to the containment of the COVID-19 outbreak.’s Artificial Intelligence Against COVID-19

The critical problem that all countries face is tackling the peak of infections and avoiding the saturation of Intensive Care Units (ICUs). In order to have the necessary resources prepared at all times, has helped the Basque Department of Health to develop a platform that predicts the future needs of ICUs and adapts to different scenarios.

The platform has had a huge impact and success, allowing to predict with high accuracy:

  • Health Services’ needs, with a 7-day forecast of ICUs’ needs, along with a confidence interval
  • Where new outbreaks will occur
  • Patterns and trends in the spread of the virus and infection rates by area

This tool is also able to recognize patterns and trends in the virus, as well as identify data that is vitally important to health services, like trends in infection rates and future outbreaks, among other functionalities. The platform uses Machine Learning algorithms, along with others, in order to make predictions.’s Response in the Media’s contribution to the fight against COVID-19 has been covered by a multitude of media outlets, from television channels to newspapers to websites. Some of those that have reported on the technology developed by include television channels La Sexta, TVE, and ETB, as well as Spanish newspapers El Mundo, El Confidencial, and ABC.

La Sexta